Sponsorship, discounts and finder's fees

Three ways to raise your business profile with Support My Team

If you run a small local business, you've got a million things to do. So let's not dance around this:

Your local sports club is the hub of the community you serve. So give it your support, and there's more than goodwill to be won.

Let me show you three ways to promote your business (and do some good) through sport at grassroots level...

Direct sponsorship

You've probably had the chance to sponsor a big professional club. And it's tempting – showcasing your brand at a major sporting event, with all the kudos it brings.

But how far will your money go, up there in the big leagues?

Your budget might get your logo on a banner, but it will be shrunk down to a thumbnail... and surrounded by 30 other brands!

What possible good is that?

Big household names can make this work, because people already know them. But for a small local business, fighting to be heard? You're going to be lost in the fog.

Not so when you sponsor your local amateur club.

Yes, the audience is smaller, but you'll get way more exposure. A modest fee can get you a big splash on pitch-side banners... in email newsletters... matchday programmes... clubhouse posters... and more.

And that means more than dropping in your logo! You can buy enough space to tell your story: push the benefits, make an offer, and add a link or QR code to set up the sales conversation.

Add to that some built-in trust and gratitude, and you can see the potential:

Discount services

Instead of putting money into the club, help them keep the money they've raised.

It's easy. Every club has to spend on essential services, from catering to building, from legal to accountancy... and if they can get that from you at a mate's rate, there's a lot of power in a Thank You!

In fact, for many businesses, this is a perfect option because there's no money down – and by providing a service to the club, they get to prove their skill.

Cue members lining up for quotes and referring to friends and family...

Finder's fees

Every time a member buys from you, the club gets paid a fee for putting you in touch. It’s that simple.

Everyone gains from this arrangement:

Every local deal is unique

When we first bring clubs and businesses together, it often starts with an out-of-the-box deal, with the business covering the cost of a promotional package: banners, flyers and emails to get members signed up for the raffle.

But that's only one way in, and it's only the beginning.

As you build your relationship, you can broker any kind of arrangement. So whatever you sell, and whatever your goals, there are ways of working that will:


Talk to us and let's get into the detail.

Get in touch

“The first couple of months have been very successful in raising money for the club. After a seamless setting up process, the sign-up for entrants was very quick and easy and the draw itself on the website is very user friendly. All in all, a good start!”

Tony Crecraft – Baglan RFC

“If you're already raising money through a monthly raffle, the Support My Team platform is going to make your life much easier. It takes all the admin out of it, and frees you to spend more time signing up supporters.”

Cerith Williams – Ammanford AFC

“It’s so easy. Everything’s there on the website, from tracking payments to notifying winners. There’s nothing for the club to do except promote it, so I’d encourage any club to give it a shot.”

Paul Clement – Secretary, Dafen Welfare AFC

“We already have 120 people taking part in the scheme, and it has transformed us as a club – we made £1700 profit in just the first two months. Thank you Martin for all your hard work, we cannot fault it!”

Joanna Sullivan – Birchgrove RFC