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If you have spending authority at your local sports club, we can set you up on Support My Team in the next two minutes.

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And in four weeks, you could easily have enough payments rolling in to add £10,000 to your annual funding pot.

It's amazing how quickly everything changes when you run your raffle online with recurring payments.

Check our calculator and see for yourself.

How much can we raise?

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Step 1: Create your account

The moment you register with us, your club gets instant access to these fundraising tools:

Admin Portal

A secure page for committee members to track payments and manage subscribers

Team URL & QR Code

For promoting the raffle on your website, social pages, flyers, banners and more

Ticket Manager

Each supporter can log in to change their subscription or update their payment details

Sign up now – and pay nothing until the money comes in

We charge a nominal £99 to get your club account live. But that fee is deferred – we’ll deduct it from your first month's payout, to protect your current funds.

Then your club has lifetime access, with no fixed fees to pay. We just take 10% of the money you raise, to cover admin costs.

Then you split the rest between your cash prize and the funding pot.

Step 2: Promote your raffle

You'll be asking people to sign up to play the raffle every month, via a card payment – the same way that most of us play the National Lottery.

Just send them a link to your club page where they can choose how many tickets to buy.

Then their payment repeats every month, unless they log back in and change it.

How do you find subscribers?

There are so many ways. Start with your members and loyal supporters, then reach out to your local community – via every route imaginable:

Promote it yourself

Your Social Media Pages
Your Email Newsletter
Your WhatsApp Group
Your Club Email Signature
Match Day Programmes
Tickets & E-Tickets
Pitchside Banners
Clubhouse Notices
Charity & Award Nights
Membership Drives

Promote it through others

Facebook Community Pages
Local Groups and Gatherings
Your Community Centre
Summer Fetes
Christmas Fayres
Local Schools
Business Networks
Local Traders and Sponsors
Local Publications
Your Local Celebrity!

REMEMBER: you'll get a team URL, plus a QR code for all your printed media. Share it everywhere!

And once you’re on the system, you'll also have a chance to order our MARKETING HEADSTART pack – including 5000 flyers and this all-weather banner:

Hang it on the side of your court, pitch, track... or over the door of your clubhouse... where no-one can miss it.

And in a month or two, you should be tracking at £10,000 for the year.

Your questions answered

How much should we offer as a prize?
It's up to you, but we recommend that you set aside up to 30% of your ticket revenues as a prize fund. After admin costs, that leaves 60% in your funding pot.
Does our prize have to be cash?
No, it's up to you. We send you the cash, then you can use it to buy a prize of your choice. But as you've probably found, a generous cash prize is the best way to keep your members playing.
How do we track the money coming in?
Your club treasurer and other committee members can see all payment activity via a secure admin portal. After one or two draws, subscriber numbers will begin to settle, and you'll know how much you can set aside for the next month's prize.
Who pays the card transaction fees?
We do. It's all covered in our admin costs.
What happens when a payment card expires?
These days, most debit cards are set with a tracking mechanism, so that a new card automatically kicks in when the old card is cancelled or expires. And if auto-renewal fails, the system will send an email alert, asking the subscriber to add a new card.
How do we get paid?
The system releases a payment to you every month, totalling 90% of your revenues. This includes the money allocated for the winner, so you can pay them directly.
By doing it this way, you have the freedom to offer a single prize or several smaller prizes.
Can any sports club join?
Yes, in theory! However we don't want to support any club or organisation that uses their money for illegal or dubious purposes, so we do reserve the right to refuse access at our own discretion.
Will we need a gambling licence?
Yes. If you don't have one already, you'll need a Small Society Lottery Licence from your local authority to run any draw with a cash prize up to £20,000. The initial registration fee is £40, followed by an annual fee of £20. We'll send you further details after you sign up.
We're a small club – is it worth our while?
You only pay us out of the money you raise, so you can never be out of pocket. But you'll want to see a good return – hence the target we set you of £10,000 a year.
For many clubs, that's a breeze. From month one, they set up enough recurring payments to hit the target without blinking. But for smaller clubs, that's clearly going to be a stretch.
Still – no problem. Even a lower target is still worthwhile. What could you do with an extra £5,000 next year? Or even £1,000?
What kind of sponsors do you work with?
Mostly small local businesses looking to raise their profile in the community. That's anything and everything, from builders to solicitors, from mortgage brokers to restaurants.
Some will pay for direct sponsorship, some will offer you discount services, and others will pay you a finder's fee when they sell to one of your members. It all adds to the bottom line.
What's the tie in?
There's no tie-in. If you're not raising money, there's nothing to pay – stop any time you like.

Are you ready to fund your next big project?

Whether you're chasing the £10k target or a smaller return, you can sign up now and start funding your club in the next few minutes.

Or if it’s a group decision, book a presentation first. Then we’ll get into the detail with your whole committee.