Birchgrove funding free rugby for juniors

Money was always tight for Birchgrove's junior teams. The club was determined to make rugby accessible for every local child, so kept their family subs to just £10 a year. It left them dependent on the senior teams, who were raising money through monthly totes and matchday sweepstakes. But still, more cash was needed. So they turned to Support My Team.

Within weeks, they had over 100 families playing the monthly raffle, with sales instantly tracking at over £10,000 for the year. Subs were dropped and rugby was made available free to all members of their nine junior teams. There was money for coaching, end–of–season trophies, astroturf and more. And next year they'll have the funds to launch one more junior side – keeping pace with their growing demand.

Now plans are afoot to roll out the raffle to their senior teams and bring even more regular money through the doors of the club.

And all this without the time commitment of regular funding drives!

“Where do I start? This lovely bloke – and I mean that from the bottom of my heart – contacted the club and offered a solution to keeping rugby free for all kids.

Birchgrove RFC believes wholeheartedly that whatever your background, you shouldn't have to pay to be part of a team or the club. There are no fees for kit, training or matches, but without Martin and Support My Team, this was starting to become impossible due to weather and rising costs.

We already have 120 people taking part in the scheme, and it has transformed us as a club – we made £1700 profit in just the first two months.

Martin also sorted out a sponsor for our starter pack, and has also done a deal on our own personalised balls.

Thank you Martin for all your hard work, we cannot fault it!

Your enthusiasm and dedication to our cause is infectious, and second to none – and everyone is a winner at the end of the day.

We'll be telling every club we play against: Support My Team really does stand up to its name!”

Joanna Sullivan – Safeguarding Officer, Birchgrove RFC

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