A boost for Dafen Welfare's expansion plans

Before joining Support My Team, Dafen Welfare AFC was funded by a weekly Bonus Ball draw. Around 40 members were paying in £2 a week, hoping to match the bonus ball in the National Lottery draw, with 50% of the take going to the club.

It raised around £150 a month after prizes, but proved to be quite an effort. Every month, they were chasing members for payment, causing dips in contributions – especially in the off-season.

That wasn't ideal, with so many projects in need of funding. Restarting their girls' team... leasing the ground, with work to widen the pitch... plus a new stand, so they can progress to the FAW's next tier.

So as soon as they found Support My Team, they made the switch, knowing it would help them raise more money with less effort. It would be easier for members and supporters to sign up, and better for the club with less chasing and more consistent payments.

After their first quarter, their monthly take was approaching £300 after prizes – doubling their previous take, with a lot less work involved. Mostly, it was embraced by ex-players, supporters and people associated with their junior teams. Giving them a solid foundation for a funding drive to bring in more from the membership.

Expectations are high for next season, when new members and players will come on board. They're shooting for 100 subscribers, to bring in at least £10,000 a year. So watch this space...

“It's so easy. Everything's there on the website, from tracking payments to notifying winners. There's nothing for the club to do except promote it, so I'd encourage any club to give it a shot.”

Paul Clement – Secretary, Dafen Welfare AFC

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