Welcome to Support my Team, a website dedicated to helping former players and fans keep in touch with and support their local sports clubs. Whatever your sport, whether you were a fan or a player, by supporting your local club you can help ensure that the next generation of young sports men and women get to enjoy the benefits that only team sports can provide.

Think back to those glory days when you scored that winning try, or you hit three sixes off the last over to win the local cricket league championship. Maybe you were the unsung hero on the football field and you can still remember every single goal as if it were yesterday.

The Support My Team  website is dedicated to helping people just like you who were once devoted fans and players to reconnect with their local clubs. You have the opportunity to help your club by offering them a very small monthly donation of usually as little as £5/month. It doesn't sound like much, and you probably won't miss it, but when everyone get's together these small donations add up to an amount that can help support your beloved club during a time when it needs your help most.

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