I spent too much time on fundraisers, when I should have been out there coaching. So I built this:

A much easier way for small local clubs to stay afloat... and prosper

FROM: Martin Jones

Long-suffering Rugby Coach and
Founder, Support My Team


If you're anything like me – a proud member of your local sports club – I reckon you'll agree:

We didn't get into this to shake collection tins!

We're a part of our local clubs for the sheer love of our sport. Whether it's rugby, football, cricket, tennis... anything... we played it as kids and it won our hearts. We carry on as adults, for as long as our legs allow! And while age might slow us to a crawl, that fire inside never dies. We're coaching and cheering from the sidelines, as the next generation grabs the ball.

Our sport is life. So that's where we want to focus our energy.

WE WANT TO build better teams, and keep on pushing for glory.

WE WANT TO find and nurture talent in our local communities.

WE WANT TO enjoy the bonds of friendship, until the final whistle.

That's why we're here.

So while FUNDRAISING is vital... we can't let it hijack our time!

We can't spend forever selling ticket strips and begging local traders for prizes. We need a more efficient way of funding our passion.

And that's why I set up Support My Team...

I saw a chance to raise regular funds without any hassle, through a raffle that runs itself online – and repeats every month till forever.

I figured it could help my own club, Llandeilo RFC, where I've coached the junior side for the last decade.

And as the idea took shape, I realised... every club can do this.

Every club can use it to raise more money with less effort. To pay for coaching kit, equipment, facilities – or just cover bills.

It's a simple idea

As the club's committee, you sign up and create a profile with a bit of spiel, including your funding plans – what will the money pay for?

Register your club now

Then with our help, you invite every member to buy a monthly batch of tickets.

It will only take them two minutes to set up a recurring payment. And after that, you'll never chase them again – because:

Every month, their money drops into your account, and their tickets go straight into the prize draw.

Big gain. Zero effort.

I'm sure you can see what this means for a club like yours:

So you can plan a long-term project, knowing your cash will be there.

And you can set your raffle prize weeks ahead, knowing you've got it covered.

It's little wonder this took off as soon as we got it live...

Small local clubs were suddenly adding hundreds to their funding pot – every month without fail

In fact, one of our first recruits told us within weeks how they'd be making £10,000 extra in their first year alone. And all it took was a small push at the start, to get their members signed up. Followed by a few words in their monthly newsletter to keep up the momentum.

Here's a trio of West Wales clubs who joined us early doors

Birchgrove RFC

Birchgrove raised over £500 in their first month, to make sure their juniors never pay for coaching.

Read Their Story

Ammanford AFC

Fundraising was an admin chore for organisers at Ammanford. Now with our help, they’re raising more money with less effort

Read Their Story

Dafen Welfare AFC

With contributions low, and plans afoot for new teams and facilities, Dafen needed a simple, consistent way to raise more every month.

Read Their Story

And the good news? We can do the same for you!

Whatever your sport or the size of your membership, we can get you set up in minutes.

Register your club now

Then we'll help you promote it to your members, with:

A team page with all your details, where they can set up their payments

A QR code that takes them there, for your posters, banners, and flyers

And once you're up and running, you can promote this everywhere.

Reaching members, supporters and your local community via every route imaginable:

Promote it yourself

Your Social Media Pages
Your Email Newsletter
Your WhatsApp Group
Your Club Email Signature
Match Day Programmes
Tickets & E-Tickets
Pitchside Banners
Clubhouse Notices
Charity & Award Nights
Membership Drives

Promote it through others

Facebook Community Pages
Local Groups and Gatherings
Your Community Centre
Summer Fetes
Christmas Fayres
Local Schools
Business Networks
Local Traders and Sponsors
Local Publications
Your Local Celebrity!

We can even put you in touch with sponsors and other local partners who'll give the pot an extra boost.

Basically, we're here to keep you solvent, so you can crack on with the game!

“The first couple of months have been very successful in raising money for the club. After a seamless setting up process, the sign-up for entrants was very quick and easy and the draw itself on the website is very user friendly. All in all, a good start!”

Tony Crecraft – Baglan RFC

“If you're already raising money through a monthly raffle, the Support My Team platform is going to make your life much easier. It takes all the admin out of it, and frees you to spend more time signing up supporters.”

Cerith Williams – Ammanford AFC

Final word:

No-one else will do this for us... and it has to be done

Society needs sport to thrive at our grassroots level. Because every coaching session is a lesson in life itself.

Billie Jean King said it best:

"Sport teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose – it teaches you about life."

We need this in our communities, to build a better future.

Plus – without our contribution, where do we find the elites?

Who'll nurture the next Sam Warburton... Aaron Ramsey... Beth Mead... Andy Murray... Shane Williams... Gareth Bale... Katerina J-T... Alun Wyn Jones?

The next superstars will start their journey on our courts and pitches.

But only if we have the cash – and the time – to invest in their talent.


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