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Whether you’re striving for an ace, a bullseye or a try, we all share one goal - the chance to make it happen. And that means funding. Regular cash that won’t dry up mid-season.

That’s why so many sports clubs raise their funds through us. Our online raffle keeps money flowing in, without the hassle of running one funding drive after another.

Even a small club can raise hundreds extra, every month without fail. It all mounts up, to pay for coaching, kit, equipment, upkeep – or just running costs.

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We’re just starting out in the wider sports world, with our first clubs coming on board. Click below to show your support:

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If you can see the potential for your club, don't keep us a secret.

Check out our fundraising page, and share it with your committee. They can sign up right there on the page, or book us in for a presentation.

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